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The F3 Method

We teach military and first responder professionals self-guiding tools to maintain optimal performance and resiliency.

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We work with military and first responder professionals who experience repetitive stressors through their work. We teach them the self-guiding tools to maintain optimal performance and resiliency.

We have first hand knowledge and understanding of first responder and military mindsets; physical demands of their work and the repercussions of the constant stressors on them as a result of the numerous tasks that these professionals are required to perform to fulfill their duties.

We have a background in body mechanics, breathing and focusing techniques and relaxation strategies. These skills are adapted and taught in the different ‘languages’ of who requires the tools and what the demands are of their job.

Foundation, Form & Function.


We know it works!



Resiliency is the ability to bounce back from adversity.... mentally, physically and emotionally.

F3 Method offers quick tools that are always available, that rebuild or maintain this 'bounce'.... no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Our F3 Method is an accumulation of techniques, trainings and practices such as body mechanics, isometric & strengthening tactics, flexibility work, breathing and focusing techniques, relaxation strategies, trauma related symptom recovery tools plus MUCH more.


What We



Where EVER you need us!

We come to you. 

We teach inhouse at your department OR  at a neutral space. 


This is an opportunity to see a taster of what we offer and how we offer it.  In a 2-3 hour workshop, we give the reasons these teachings are CRUCIAL to their well being as a first responder /military professional, the need to put preventative interventions into place to maintain optimal resiliency (on and off duty) and to be in utmost performance levels for an ongoing and prosperous career of serve & protect.

A one-of at your department to give your guys/gals enough information/tools that they can take home and use and benefit from.  We teach in a way that relates to their everyday lives and in the language of their cultures.


Whether the department has integrated an F3 Method Workshop into their training yet or not, the 4 series classes can be booked at any time. 

It is a the same disciplines and tools we teach in the workshop but with more depth, practice, and support as a follow up to the teachings. 



This is a game changer for first responders and military!!!

Hands down the best method/approach I have tried and continue to use daily. Tricya has an accurate and realistic understanding of what we face everyday. The F3 Method has given me the things I cherish the most in life back !

Brommy, Military

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